Leather, the Ultimate Style Icon for Bad Boys and Girls

Leather Jacket as Style Icon

The leather jacket has been a popular style icon since the 1950s and it’s not difficult to see why. These jackets impart a cool, classic statement no matter whether the wearer is male or female. Although leather is available in a variety of different colours, black or brown jackets are the most popular staples in most modern wardrobes. The original flight jackets worn since the early 1900s were reserved for the military and aviators, they soon became known as “bomber jackets” and their heavy insulation meant they were renowned for warmth, particularly at high altitudes.

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Chemicals for leather, finishing leather and more on the blog of Veco Srl

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the blog of Veco Srl, Italian company specialized in chemicals for finishing leather!

Veco Srl has worked in the field of products for leather processing since 1973, when the first  production plant was inaugurated in Povolaro di Dueville (Vicenza). Since then the company has developed and grown also thanks to the competence of its founder, German engineer Valter Lotar Specht, and now has its seat in Monticello Conte Otto.

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