What is Leather Embossing

What is Embossing?

Leather embossing is a stage of leather production and finishing where metal plates, rollers, sliders, and manual tools can be used to emboss or stamp designs, patterns, logos, and looks into leather. For instance, a crocodile look would have a roller or plate patterned to appear as though it were the skin of a crocodile. This would produce a faux crocodile leather look. Other embossing designs could include text, monograms, cartoon or even detailed images such as faces, locations, scenery. Embossing can occur over a period of time, where the leather is pressed using weight and left, or quickly where it is stamped once and finished.

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Feel Modifiers for leather products

Why Use Feel Modifiers?

These products are used in the finishing stages of leather products. They can provide a variety of sensations or ‘feels’ to the end customer, for instance, a silky-smooth leather versus one that is a little rougher and coarser. Depending on the product, the right modifier product can go a long way toward helping the consumer get the best enjoyment from their garment, furniture, etc. Think of leather gloves, which feel smooth and slide on as though they are a second skin to the wearer.

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