Taking care of leather: leather cleaning tips

The Versatility of Leather

Leather is a natural product. For thousands of years, we have worn it for protection, warmth, and style. We have adorned our body with leather accessories, made bags and shoes out of leather, and long respected it for the flexible and durable product that it is. Leather is such that it can be made rough or extremely smooth, light or very heavy, slick or coarse, to suit whatever the intended use of it is. As an organic product, we have to take care of it naturally so that we can get the most use out of it. As manufactures like Veco create leather finishing products that can bring out the best in each piece of leather, in the same way the cleaning products and methods that people use should respect and enhance this material.

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Water based top coat – some infos

Water Based Top Coat

Coating is a crucial step in the leather production procedure. It entails coating the delicate surface of the leather to shelter it from external influences. Coating is also applied for decorative finishes. Coating leather using water based top coat gives the surface a remarkably good physical characteristic. A leather surface becomes appealing and applicable for numerous purposes. For instance, it can be used in the automotive industry to customise the seats and surfaces of posh cars. Leather materials treated with the top coat exudes a taste of fashion and elegance of its users.

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