Leather Accessories: How to Protect Them

Leather must be protected – also using texting auxiliary chemicals – in order to last as long as possible in the most perfect conditions. This is especially true for bags, but also for belts, shoes, gloves, and other leather accessories. If we want the leather to look good over time, we must not neglect anything and never leave anything to chance. Here is a sort of vademecum for the conservation of leather:

  1. Never use leather accessories at the beach. Sand is prbably the first enemy of leather, since it deteriorates it. For this reason, leather bags and shoes must necessarily be left at home. For sure you will find other occasions to show them, but not on the beach!
  2. When leather bags and shoes are kept in wardrobes, newspaper has to be used to keep their shape. As far as bags are concerned, this is true both for those that have a soft shape as well as for rigid bags. Newspapers must be crumpled up, but not too much, in order to make volume and thus preserve the original features. You can also use a leather softener.
  3. Bags, shoes and belts must be fed with a special cream, transparent or of the same color of the leather. But remember to not put the accessories in the closet right away after that, because the cream needs to dry. Otherwise it would dirty everything it could come into contact with. Experts also use leather pigments in order to maintain the color of leather accessories.
  4. Do not use soap or various detergents to wash the leather: In order to clean spots, wipes – for example those for babies – are already a good choice. For a deeper cleaning, however, you can opt for cleansing milk using make up wadding disks.


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