10 Essential Tricks to Clean your Leather Bag

Taking care of leather items can be complicated, especially without the proper leather chemistry. This is why we have decided to share with you these 10 essential tricks to clean your leather bag.

  1. Once a week, clean with warm water and some soap: Dissolve a small amount of liquid soap in warm water and use a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt from the outer surface of your bag;
  2. Clean the bag following the direction of the folds;
  3. Never use baby wipes, vinegar or other home-made remedies to remove stains; many of these products have substances of various kinds that can damage the color and cause other problems;
  4. To remove traces of ink, treat them at straight away. Best would be to bring your bag to a professional as soon as possible, but if this is not possible, try some leather chemical products dedicated to ink removal;
  5. Pad your bag when you are not using it;
  6. Never use water on grease stains, because in this way you will simply remove some layers of leather – with an horrible result;
  7. Use a specific product made by leather chemical companies to remove stubborn dirt. Such products could be expensive, but the result will be much better than any craft solution;
  8. Always test the leather cleaning product before using it, possibly inside the bag;
  9. Avoid touching the bag if you have just used a hand cream;
  10. If the bag comes with a dust bag, use it!




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