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Cookies are collections of informations, often containing a unique and anonymous identification code; they are sent by web servers to user’s browsers and then stored in the user’s PCs. Cookies are then read by the server when the user visits again the website that generated them.

They are mainly useful to the complete functionality of the websites and to give to the site’s owner commercial and marketing informations.

The cookies used on our website are based on the categories established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and, in particular, they are:

  • strictly necessaries cookies: they don’t collect informations that may be used for marketing purposes nor they track your web surfing. It’s not necessary to give the consent for these cookies.
  • Third part cookies: they are used as anonymous and aggregated analisys instrument over the website users’s behaviours.
    Link to Google’s cookies policy:

Our cookies can have variable duration. In particular we have session cookies, that expire at the browser closing, and permanent cookies, that last for a maximum of 5 years.

Considering the particular structure of our website, the eventual disabling of cookies may prevent the full enjoyment of our site’s functionalities. We inform you, however, that there are different ways to manage cookies. By modifying your browser’s preferences you can disable cookies or you can decide to recieve a warning message before accepting a cookie or you can erase all the cookies stored in your browser.

Every browser has different ways to manage preferences.





If you don’t use one of the mentioned browsers, you can use the “Help” button to find the right way to set the preferences about cookies.

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