How Can I Protect My Leather Clothing?

If you have arrived at our blog, then you are no doubt the proud owner of a piece or pieces of leather clothing. One thing that worries many owners is how they can protect their clothing. Obviously, here at Vecoitalia, we know how expensive genuine leather is, and we know just how important it is to promote longevity. The good news is that we offer several products that aim to protect your leather clothing. One of the things that you may be interested to find out more about is our nitro emulsions for clothing.

What are the Benefits of Nitro Emulsions for Clothing?

You will no doubt be very happy to learn that there are actually various benefits that come with using nitro emulsions for clothing. First of all, there is the fact that by applying them to your leather goods, you are actually able to ensure that your leather goods are adaptable to physical factors, as well as environmental, whilst also ensuring that your clothing is resistant to abrasions. By applying this product, you are able to vastly extend the life of your leather clothing.

What Options Do I Have?

The great news is that here at Vecoitalia, we have a range of different nitro emulsions to choose from. First of all, you can choose the finish that you would like for your clothing. Whether that be glossy, matte, or anything in between, we will have the right emulsion for you. The best thing to do is to take a look through the various nitro emulsions that we currently have available and see which ones best meet your needs. If you have any more questions about our nitro emulsions, then please get in touch with us today where one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

Leather Filler Compound

When we look at a beautiful finished product, we appreciate the final masterpiece presented before us. Do we think of the work that goes into making the masterpiece you see in front of you? Well, let’s indulge you with the work that goes into leather and associated products using leather filler compounds as part of the package. Vecoitalia, a company that specialises in leather finishing products, has been in the tanning industry for over forty years and knows a thing or ten about leather. They offer leather filler compound products in two categories 1) Vecoplast and 2) Vecosol.

Vecoplast Products

These leather finishing fillers have three types namely:

  1. Vecoplast AM
  2. Vecoplast M
  3. Vecoplast RO

These filler compounds above all share one thing in common: they are auxiliary filling matting compounds. The difference comes in how each individual type of filling compound works. The Vecoplast AM boasts of a leather finishing that is smooth, full and has excellent adhesive properties. The Vecoplast M on the other hand is used for the “finishing of buffed skins or crusts” (according to Vecoitalia). One startling quality about this filler type is that it gives leather an outstanding resistance to abrasion. The Vecoplast RO decreases the tackiness of the final product, and to Vecoitalia’s own telling, “increases the fullness of printing.”

  Vecosol FR/AN

The Vecosol FR/AN is a plastering compound that chisels the edges of misaligned skins and gives them a straighter, equally-aligned surface. This plastering compound should be heated at temperatures of between 120˚ and 130˚ to give the finish a fuller appearance, making it ready for the next coating to be made on this surface.

Without a doubt, learning a thing or two about what goes into the final finishing leather product, you will appreciate it more and never look at it the same way again!

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Programme for leather chemical manufacturers

Programme aims

Nowadays the cases of environmental disasters and people illnesses or allergies caused by bad hazardous chemicals utilized in the production of some items are increasing. In order to reduce these risks the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical Program was created.The ZDHC program’s aim is to dramatically reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in the textile and footwear value chain. The expected result? In a short amount of time we will have a sustainable production, by respecting the environment and thus improving people’s well-being. The program is meant to promote the implementation of sustainable chemistry and the best “green” practices in textile and footwear value chain. This important program includes a collaboration of 22 signatory brands, 24 value chain affiliates, and ten associates.

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Feel Modifiers in Leather Industry

Feel Modifiers application and sustainability

Among feel modifiers, silicone based ones are emulsions supplied mainly as white milky liquids. These items are industrial products designed for leather finishing applications. Finished product containing feel modifiers treated leather can be found in automotive, footwear, furniture, luxury or garment application.
Since these product are water-based and do not contain harmful elements for the environment, they are biodegradable; this characteristic answers to an important issue for companies given the growing importance of “green economy” in the context of today.
In addition, these products are not expected to be toxic to aquatic organisms and this is another value added to feel modifiers.

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How to improve the leather look with leather refinishing products

Leather: from utility to beauty

Man has known and used leather since the prehistoric age because of its resistance, thermal insulation and impermeability and also because he could relatively easily obtain it from his hunting activity. However, raw leather could not meet the increasingly demanding tastes of fashion, especially in recent times. In order to improve the aspect of leather, producers have competed to find better and better solutions to give it the “perfect look”, developing advanced techniques and exceptional refinishing products. Italy has always been one of the world leaders in leather production and refinement, particularly in the North-Eastern area of Vicenza, where the company Veco is located.

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Veco, your leather resin supplier

What are polyurethanic resins and which are the advantages of their use in leather working?

Polyurethanes is a family of chemical compounds employed in many processes. Polyurethanic resins are mainly designed to improve two important leather characteristics, which we consider of uttermost importance: quality and beauty. In terms of quality, polyurethanic resins enhance many essential leather properties leading to outstanding levels of water resistance, impressive dry and wet rub fastness values and incredible softness and fullness of garments. In terms of beauty, these resins ameliorate sealing, levelling and embossing of leather and they give a more natural aspect to the final product. However, not only do these resins improve the quality and beauty of the leather, they also greatly facilitate its manufacturing, providing excellent adhesion and enhanced film flexibility and allowing embossing without finishing cutting.

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Leather chemicals manufacturers and the importance of safety at work

Safety at work – a crucial issue

In tanneries and in leather industry in general safety is a crucial issue, and much has been done in this sense to ensure safer working environment and conditions.
In tanning and leather industries, as you might already know, various chemical products and substances are used, and also for this reason some people might think that the working conditions in this sector are not totally safe. However, we could claim that this is a sort of “misbelief”, in the sense that nowadays leather companies are more and more engaged in providing safe and agreeable conditions for the people who are employed in this sector. Moreover, many leather chemical manufacturers – like Veco – create and launch “green” products that do not damage the environment and are safe also for the people who are in contact with these substances as part of their work.

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Use of proteic binders in the process of finishing leather

The aim of using proteic binder in finishing

Finishing is done to enhance both the durability and the physical appearance of leather. The motivation behind finishing is to enhance the utilization properties of the leather and to shield it from soiling and wetting or to level out patches and grain faults. Most leather is worked by the use of suspensions of manufactured polymers, which may consolidate colors or shades. At Veco we provide proteic binders that are good for any leather!

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Plasters by Veco – Leather Filler Compound

Using Plaster as a Leather Filler Compound

Stucco plaster may sound as though it goes on a wall, however, it is also known in the leather industry as a good product to use for the finishing process of leather. A leather filler compound used during leather processing will provide a smooth, luxuriant look and feel to the leather. These products are intended to remove dents, marks, scratches, and scars which may be on the surface of the leather. Such stucco plasters also add beneficial properties to the leather, for instance, they help to improve the quality and durability of the finished leather product.

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Why is leather for fashion and upholstery always appreciated

Leather For Fashion Or Upholstery

Leather has been used for a long time as a part of fashion items. From gloves to shoes to accents in clothing, you can find leather everywhere. As part of furnishings, leather sets a softer, more relaxing mood when used on furniture in the home or office. In the fashion world, leather pants, skirts, jackets and raincoats are considered staple items to a quality wardrobe. Leather upholstery may take the form of car interiors, chairs, couches, and more. Stools are sometimes upholstered with leather, as are trinket boxes and books. Leather desk accessories such as wooden boxes with leather wrappings blend modern with classic looks to create something contemporary.

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