Characteristics of Real Leather: How to Distinguish it From Other Fabrics

Very often we take it for granted that we are able to immediately distinguish real leather from all other fabrics. Sometimes, in fact, some industrial fabrics appear like real leather. For this reason today, we are going to list all the characteristics of real leather.

Maybe it seems strange to hear it, but the main feature of real leather is its natural imperfection. The wrinkles and veins that you can notice at first glance on a sofa or a bag are one of the signs of the realness of this material. In fact, the clearly visible pore grain indicates that the material has not undergone grinding with abrasive paper or has not been further coated to look perfect. Leather is only treated with proper leather chemistry products. That of real leather is perhaps one of the few cases in which the more imperfect a fabric is, the more it acquires value, thanks to its uniqueness and authenticity.

Another element characterizing real leather is its compact and elastic structure, also thanks to leather softeners. Even after folding or stretching, the material immediately returns to its initial state. It is, in fact, a very flexible quality material.

And here is the third characteristic of real leather: A strong resistance even towards the worst conditions. Leather is one of the few products that the more it ages, the more it improves. Particularly rigid at the beginning, with the passing of time, it becomes soft and fleshy. Moreover, genuine leather is fireproof and breathable, elements that are difficult to find in other fabrics. Also, thanks to leather auxiliary chemicals, like waterproofing wax, it gets not affected by water.

The most inexperienced normally distinguish real leather from other materials thanks to its fragrance. It is a pleasant, delicate but never exaggerated smell, able to tickle the olfactory emotions. After sight and smell, real leather is also recognizable through touch: Real leather never appears cold, but particularly warm and natural.

All the aforementioned characteristics make real leather one of the most appreciated and valuable coverings in the world.



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