Leather Finishing Chemicals

The different leather products you see around you have been perfected to a smooth finish by people in the tanning and chemical industry. Leather finishing chemicals contribute towards making the final product a sturdy, durable product. One such company which deals with different leather products and uses chemicals during the manufacturing of leather is Veco. Their leather finishing binders are divided into three categories, namely:

  1. Acrylic Resins
  2. Polyurethane Resins
  3. Polyurethane Resins without NMP

Acrylic Resins

The one defining factor for these resins (applicable to all 3 categories as stated above) is that, according to us, they are “resins in aqueous dispersion”. There are two types of Acrylic Resins: Vecosol Binder A (311, 490 & 900) and Vecosol Impregnante. The distinctive feature about the Vecosol binders is that they are resistant to water. The Vecosol Binder A490 should be used when the intent is to get a finish that looks natural and has a soft touch. The A900 can be improved by using proper curing, thereby strengthening the features of the product. The Vecosol Impregnante L1490, according to Veco, is an “impregnating resin capable of give high grain firmness in any type of skin.”

    Resins Polyurethane &  Resins Without NMP

The resins polyurethane category has 4 Vecosol binders: U315, 412, 516 and 607. The U315 binder is especially used for clothing leathers. It is renowned for its softness and superior adhesion. The U412 and 607 have superior flexibility properties. The U516 showcases its excellent printability as a main feature.

The main difference between the Resins Polyurethane and Resins without NMP is that the latter does not have N-metilpirolidone. The Vecosol binders without NMP have the following main features:

  1. Resistant to water
  2. Excellent adhesive properties
  3. Good coverage

A little chemical goes a long way in making your favourite leather product!


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