Plasters by Veco – Leather Filler Compound

Using Plaster as a Leather Filler Compound

Stucco plaster may sound as though it goes on a wall, however, it is also known in the leather industry as a good product to use for the finishing process of leather. A leather filler compound used during leather processing will provide a smooth, luxuriant look and feel to the leather. These products are intended to remove dents, marks, scratches, and scars which may be on the surface of the leather. Such stucco plasters also add beneficial properties to the leather, for instance, they help to improve the quality and durability of the finished leather product.

Plasters in Leather Finishing

There is a wide range of plasters for leather filling and finishing. Some popular brands include the Vecoplast Stucco 60 which is often used on upholstery or upper shoe leather. Apply it before buffing and defects can be removed or covered with ease. If you need a wet and dry flexometer value that is good, try the Vecoplast Stucco SH which is also good for upholstery or upper shoe leathers. Vecoplast Stucco RC works well; if necessary, you can eliminate air during the application process by adding anti-foaming agents. The Vecoplast Stucco 168 is a viscous white liquid, that can be easily applied by roller. The natural appearance that you can get from our environmentally friendly products enhances leather and gives it a top quality look and feel. These are the kind of benefits you can pass on to your customers!

Veco Leather Filler Compound

It is important to protect the environment, and Veco offers ecologically friendly products. These leather plaster and filler compounds are as durable as any of the harsher and biologically unfriendly products available. The Veco difference means that you can feel good about the products used, they are natural just as leather is, and responsibly produced with leather industry leaders in mind.


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