Use of proteic binders in the process of finishing leather

The aim of using proteic binder in finishing

Finishing is done to enhance both the durability and the physical appearance of leather. The motivation behind finishing is to enhance the utilization properties of the leather and to shield it from soiling and wetting or to level out patches and grain faults. Most leather is worked by the use of suspensions of manufactured polymers, which may consolidate colors or shades. At Veco we provide proteic binders that are good for any leather!

Proteic binders finish

Thanks to our long and profound ability and expertise, we are engaged in the matter of offering a wide gathering of proteic binders leather finishing supplies that will give you quality finishing. Thanks to the help of our talented work drive and to our passion, we can meet with the mass request needs and prerequisites of our clients. Your product is ensured to have a smooth finish, high performance and longer shelf life.

The use of proteic binders

The goal of this sort of finishing is to create quality leather, which holds its natural appearance and gains a pleasant colour. This is accomplished by utilizing a blend of aniline dyestuffs and pigmented dyestuffs that are bound together utilizing proteic binders. A strong bond can be pursued utilizing macromolecular substances, for example, water dispersions of albumen or casein. The utilization of proteic covers gives a fine grain design, natural feel and great breathability. Veco provides proteic binders that will suit your needs of leather finishing process.


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