Leather chemistry protagonist at the All China Leather Exhibition, 31 August 2015 – 2 September in Shanghai

One of the main events in the leather section

Wuxi Veco Trading Co Ltd is one of the exhibitors at the All China Leather Exhibition being held between 31 August and 2 September 2015. This important fair is one of the major events for leather finishers and leather chemistry across the globe and has exhibitors from 38 countries. Established leather finishing product and supplies businesses find it’s a great market for professional products; moreover, there is huge demand in China for equipment, tooling and modern technology within the leather industry.

Leather chemistry – exhibitors and visitors at the trade show

The ecological strengths and popularity of the Veco laboratory product range for leather finishing will be a highlight of our sales negotiations with buyers at this regular exhibition and this will tie in with the growth of hide imports into the Chinese market. More than 1,200 exhibitors will attend this prestigious event, with 22,000 visitors expected at the trade fair being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The list of exhibitors at the event include many important companies coming from all over the world, that are seen as benchmarks in this sector.

Scheduled events

There will be a discussion forum dealing with supply and demand in the leather industry on 30 August and some of the keynote events of this fair is a presentation from CTC Greater China on factory sustainability and cost reductions. Some of the latest advances in CAD-CAM technologies will be on display at this event and global exhibitors will provide insight into leather trade and manufacturing developments in some of the most competitive producers in attempts to attract the Chinese purchasing buyer and manufacturer. Wuxi Veco Trading Co Ltd is a regular exhibitor at a number of leather trade shows and the growing strength of the Chinese hide finishing market ensure this trade show is on the calendar of any supplier in the leather manufacturing industry.

Textile auxiliary chemicals – Proteic binders

Proteic Binders for Leather Finishing from Veco

Italy is renowned for the quality of its leather goods and experience within the leather finishing industry. Our proteic binders are suitable for leather of any grade and to suit any manufacturing requirements. Finishing your hides to a quality suited to the products you make depends upon the time and care taken to produce leathers of suitable standards. Our proteic binders can offer you the “green” expertise you need to ensure your brand or products achieve popularity with more knowledgeable, eco-conscious consumers.

Textile auxiliary chemicals for leather finishing

We provide many textile auxiliary chemicals and five different types of protein binders which are suited to producing hides of different qualities that can be used across the whole spectrum of leather production. Acrylic casein latex binders have been produced as alternatives to traditional protein binders as they are water-borne, yet still produce high performance and durability. Our Vicenza laboratory provides leather finishing products to suit traditional Italian expertise within a range of manufacturing, fashion and lifestyle ranges, epitomized by our popular trade shows around the country.

Our proteic binders

You can rest assured that your protein binding process complies with any pertinent trademark or legislative requirements if you select any of the proteic binders from Veco that are suited to meet the exacting needs of your leather finishing processes. Vecosol Top D has a medium hardness, requiring several applications to achieve your desired high quality finishes. Where you need to improve the quality of hides you can choose Vecosol Top Ru which gives a filling and protein binding performance to create the silky leathers required for manufacturing purposes such as garments or upholstery. Vecosol Top Lu is a non-thermoplastic top coat binder providing a natural finish to enhance the quality of the leather hide and is suited to manufacturing purposes. Vecosolamin TC can be used throughout any leather finishing process to create hides of a quality to meet your needs. When you need to enhance the final appearance of any leather product Vecosol Top CO gives the traditional high gloss and brilliant look that is sure to appeal to the consumer market. Our professional team of scientists can provide more information on any of the Veco leather finishing products you need to ensure your hides achieve the quality you require for any leather manufacturing or production processes.