3 Ways to Recognize a Genuine Leather Belt

The belt is not simply an accessory to sustain our trousers, but a real object of style and fashion. It is important therefore to learn how to recognize real leather belts from synthetic ones. Let’s say that the problem of having to distinguish a men’s leather belt from a synthetic one arises because of the existence of fabrics that, although very similar to real leather, have absolutely nothing to share with it.

Here are 3 ways and tests you can do to distinguish a genuine leather men’s belt from a synthetic leather one:

  • Leather belts wear out differently.

It’s just another way of saying that they last longer compared to an accessory that isn’t made of real leather, also thanks to leather softeners. With time and use only the underlay of the leather comes out, while a belt in fake leather becomes fragile and full of cracks that crumble when touched.

  • A real leather belt has an unmistakable smell.

The smell of genuine leather cannot be described, but surely if you smell it, even years later, you immediately realize whether it is a quality material or not. Fake leather will for sure not have a smell like it and it will certainly be more like naphtha. Also leather chemistry used on real leather will not make its fabolous smell fade away.

  • A genuine leather belt absorbs water.

Great attention must be taken in this case, because it depends on the leather.

In general, if you try to pour a drop of water on a genuine leather belt, you will see that after a few seconds, leather will have absorbed the water without the tissues having altered. A fake leather belt, on the other hand, does not absorb water and the drop will remain there until you have dried it. Why do you have to pay attention then? Because if the leather belt has undergone a water repellent treatment thanks to textile auxiliary chemicals, even if it is real leather, it will not absorb water anyway.



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