Leather Shoes: What You Need to Know

There are many things to know about leather shoes and about leather finishing products. A fundamental aspect that you definitely need to know before buying leather shoes concerns the linings. At first glance, it seems like a completely secondary thing, but it is not the case. In fact, the lining can determine, as well as the quality of the leather and the leather chemistry used, the whole quality of the shoes, therefore the success of the purchase.

Of course, the lining must be made of natural materials. Indeed, a synthetic material will make your foot sweat and give problems from the bacterial point of view, causing odors, fungi, etc. But it is not enough that the lining is made with leather, also in this case, there are top, medium, and cheap products.

The economic product par excellence is the pig leather lining. You recognize it, because you can clearly see the dot from which the hair came out. It is a rather dry material and with sweaty feet, it often gives off a characteristic – and unpleasant – smell. When you see a shoe with a pig leather lining, it is better to not take the product into consideration.

A beautiful shoe has a kid lining. It is a very light material, brilliant, which softens the leather of the whole shoe, thanks also to leather softeners. If it is of high quality and it allows a good transpiration.  Of course, like many other precious things, a beautiful shoe also requires a little care. We will talk about that in the next article.


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