Taking care of leather: leather cleaning tips

The Versatility of Leather

Leather is a natural product. For thousands of years, we have worn it for protection, warmth, and style. We have adorned our body with leather accessories, made bags and shoes out of leather, and long respected it for the flexible and durable product that it is. Leather is such that it can be made rough or extremely smooth, light or very heavy, slick or coarse, to suit whatever the intended use of it is. As an organic product, we have to take care of it naturally so that we can get the most use out of it. As manufactures like Veco create leather finishing products that can bring out the best in each piece of leather, in the same way the cleaning products and methods that people use should respect and enhance this material.

Products For Cleaning Leather: to be chosen with care

On the market you can find several products to clean and take care of your leather products, but it is essential that you use them with care in order to use the best possible products. The first tip is the following: in order to be sure not to damage a leather product, make a test by applying the cleaning product you want to use on a little surface. In this way, if the product is not delicate enough, only a small part the leather surface will get ruined.

Different methods for different objects

The methods and tools you choose to clean leather also depend on the type of object you are dealing with. If you want keep your leather upholstery clean and hygienized, for example, a good method is steam cleaning, while it is better for you to avoid heavy-duty household cleaners.
In the case you want to clean leather car upholstery, you can use a cleaning product in a spray bottle, which is easier to use in this context. When you want to remove stains from your leather bags or purses, use a mild soap and distilled water, then leave them to dry away from direct sunlight.


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