What is Leather Embossing

What is Embossing?

Leather embossing is a stage of leather production and finishing where metal plates, rollers, sliders, and manual tools can be used to emboss or stamp designs, patterns, logos, and looks into leather. For instance, a crocodile look would have a roller or plate patterned to appear as though it were the skin of a crocodile. This would produce a faux crocodile leather look. Other embossing designs could include text, monograms, cartoon or even detailed images such as faces, locations, scenery. Embossing can occur over a period of time, where the leather is pressed using weight and left, or quickly where it is stamped once and finished.

Chemicals Enhance Leather Embossing

For some effects, finishing chemicals can be used to enhance the look of the embossing. For instance, a vintage look for a leather item which has a stamped design may have been created using products which harden the leather’s surface so that it can hold a crisp and clear image. The products used are generally water-based and may have a silicone component. Some contain acrylics as well, to add a bit of colour to the existing leather colour.

How It Works

Embossing tools can be manual as well as electric. There are even factory tools which are automated and can give leather an embossed look in a rapid time-frame. Generally, the leather will be dampened using water or chemicals, then the design or stamp will be clamped onto the leather’s surface and left for a few minutes to a few hours. It may be re-stamped several times, or only once. The best way to keep the leather pliable and damp in these situations is through the uniform application of chemicals.


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