Leather fillers, waxes and oils in leather manufacturing

Necessary products for leather

If you deal with leather manufacturing, you will certainly know the importance of products like leather fillers, waxes and oils. Veco offers all of these product categories, giving you the chance to choose among a wide range. Go on reading to find out more about the advantages and uses of fillers, waxes and oils and on the different products offered by Veco.

Uses and advantages of fillers

Fillers play a very important role in the leather manufacturing process. Fillers, indeed, are those products that are used to give leather peculiar features, such as softness, different touch sensations, resistance to rubbing or abrasion. For this reason they are very useful in certain sectors, such as in automotive or in upholstery.

Depending on your needs and on the type of leather, you can choose among different types of fillers. Also the way you apply these products can vary. Here are some examples of fillers offered by Veco (but the list is much longer than that!):

– Vecosol Filler AN can be applied alone or in finishing mixtures, and the application of the product can be made with roller coating or spraying machines. This type of filler is mainly used to improve sealing and fullness of leather, above all when you deal with defective full grain and buffed leather.
– Vecosol Filler CR is mainly used to give leather a warm and smooth feel and to improve its wet-rubbing and dry-rubbing fastnesses. Also for this reason it is notably used for shoes leather.

Waxes and Oils for all needs

As far as waxes and oils are concerned Veco offers a wide range of products. Here are a couple of examples:

– Vecosol Olio OG is used to increase the elasticity of leather and to reduce water absorption. The result on leather is a smoother touch.
– Veco Wax PE 14 is a product that can convey a shiny aspect to leather, and it is also used to increase its scratch-resistance.

On the website and on Veco’s product catalogue you can find all of these and many other leather fillers, waxes and oils. Find out more about these important products in leather manufacturing!


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