Leather finishing chemicals for beautiful leather bags

Types of leather

Different types of leather are used in the production of leather bags. Two of the most common types of leather are cowhide and lambskin. Cowhide leather has a noticeable texture, with a rough feeling to the touch, and one of its main peculiarities is durability. Lambskin leather has a soft and smooth texture, and it is fragile compared to cowhide leather.
Bags can be made also of other types of leather: exotic leather, for example, includes alligator, crocodile and caiman skin, which are appreciated for their compelling patterns. Alligator skin is thick, soft and flexible, with symmetrical scale patterns, whilst the patterns on crocodile skin tend to be less regular, and caiman skin much thinner.
Veco’s leather finishing chemicals are suitable for all leather types.

Finishing processes

Tanning, used to prevent the skins from decomposing, whilst producing a flexible form suitable for the production of leather items, is fundamental in guaranteeing a prestigious and quality appearance to the final product. Veco creates and supplies complete systems of leather finishing chemicals appropriate for the creation of luxury leather bags. Our eco-friendly policy ensures our customer’s safety, as well as that of the environment.

Leather bags: synonym of quality, fashion and elegance

Today’s fashion industry provides such a variety of models and patters that a leather handbag can really become an expression of one’s personality. In the world of fashion, and of bags in particular, leather is synonym of luxury, quality and durability.
Colourful or black, big or small, formal or informal, a leather bag is the equivalent of that little black dress every lady must have in her wardrobe.
Elegant and stylish, leather has the particularity of never going out of fashion, weathering all seasons and uses! From tote bags to briefcases, cocktail bags to backpacks, leather makes a unique statement of quality-consciousness, and can be accessorized to blend with any occasion.
Veco’s leather finishing chemicals ensure a high-quality leather for the production of bags, which allows your luxury bag to look brand-new for a very long time, exploiting the best of Italian style!


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  1. I love that this post pointed out that a leather backpack is excellent for casual use as well as for professional purposes. The other day my son mentioned that he would like to buy a new leather backpack since he will be starting work next month. I think I will gift him with a backpack to congratulate him on landing his first job.

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