Finishing compounds: all you need to know

The use of leather compounds in finishing leather products

Several compounds are used in leather finishing with an aim of making the final product perfect from different points of view. Finishing is the last process where the finishing material is applied to the surface, and the compounds used make the leather more attractive, durable, and strong.

Advantages of using finishing compounds

Finishing compounds give the leather a sparkle that makes it shine. This property makes leather that has been finished using leather compounds stand out in a unique manner. Also, it tends to increase the leather’s durability and toughness. In instances where leather is not finished correctly, it absorbs water and dust causing it to wear out quickly. There are various finishing products by Veco that can guarantee leather sturdiness, durability and a good appearance.

Common leather compounds used in finishing

Some of the leather compounds include Miscela 104, Miscela 173 and White compound among others. Miscela 104 is a compound obtained from acrylic and polyurethane. It has special auxiliaries that make it an excellent covering on upper-shoe leathers and other leather products. The mixture gives the finished leather products an attractive look in addition to making them very durable. Miscela 173 is an acrylic resin that is used as a base coat for splits and buffed upholstery leathers. This leather compound is easy to emboss and drum and the finished leather products just come out visually appealing. White compound, made of resins and auxiliaries, is used to improve the covering of light colours, in particular white. In this way it is possible to convey a better colour to the finished leather using less pigments (for example, Vecosol Printex). Thanks to this peculiarity, White compound is perfect when you need a minor transparency of the finishing film, and it is often used also in the field of shoe leathers and leather goods.


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