Feel Modifiers for leather products

Why Use Feel Modifiers?

These products are used in the finishing stages of leather products. They can provide a variety of sensations or ‘feels’ to the end customer, for instance, a silky-smooth leather versus one that is a little rougher and coarser. Depending on the product, the right modifier product can go a long way toward helping the consumer get the best enjoyment from their garment, furniture, etc. Think of leather gloves, which feel smooth and slide on as though they are a second skin to the wearer.

What Types Are Available?

The modifiers come in a chemical form. The healthier and more ecologically friendly products will be water based and contain elements like silicone dispersion. They can be mixed into a solution of 0.5 to 3% with water based top coats or else used alone after being properly diluted. Some products offer a scratch-resistant type of coat to the leather, while others are intended to give a rubbery texture to leather. These can include oil emulsions, which are flammable. There are also water based silicones with fatty acid components.

Tips for Using Feel Modifiers

For proper use of modifier chemicals, it is important to know what you are handling: know its contents, know ideal storage and handling temperatures, and always dilute to the recommended amount for the best result. Know the shelf life of the product and do not use modifiers which are past their prime. Just because it is water based does not mean it is completely non-toxic. The type of product which gives leather sofas a warm, slippery, not-dry texture is water based yet can cause serious eye damage if used incorrectly. When in doubt, always contact the chemical’s manufacturer.


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