Feel Modifiers in Leather Industry

Feel Modifiers application and sustainability

Among feel modifiers, silicone based ones are emulsions supplied mainly as white milky liquids. These items are industrial products designed for leather finishing applications. Finished product containing feel modifiers treated leather can be found in automotive, footwear, furniture, luxury or garment application.
Since these product are water-based and do not contain harmful elements for the environment, they are biodegradable; this characteristic answers to an important issue for companies given the growing importance of “green economy” in the context of today.
In addition, these products are not expected to be toxic to aquatic organisms and this is another value added to feel modifiers.

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Feel Modifiers for leather products

Why Use Feel Modifiers?

These products are used in the finishing stages of leather products. They can provide a variety of sensations or ‘feels’ to the end customer, for instance, a silky-smooth leather versus one that is a little rougher and coarser. Depending on the product, the right modifier product can go a long way toward helping the consumer get the best enjoyment from their garment, furniture, etc. Think of leather gloves, which feel smooth and slide on as though they are a second skin to the wearer.

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