Feel Modifiers in Leather Industry

Feel Modifiers application and sustainability

Among feel modifiers, silicone based ones are emulsions supplied mainly as white milky liquids. These items are industrial products designed for leather finishing applications. Finished product containing feel modifiers treated leather can be found in automotive, footwear, furniture, luxury or garment application.
Since these product are water-based and do not contain harmful elements for the environment, they are biodegradable; this characteristic answers to an important issue for companies given the growing importance of “green economy” in the context of today.
In addition, these products are not expected to be toxic to aquatic organisms and this is another value added to feel modifiers.

Different kind of effects

There are different types of feel modifiers, which differ in molecular composition and for their effect in leather. Some feel modifiers are a water emulsion of waxes and amidies and they give a good polishing effect. Other feel modifiers are composed by an emulsion of waxes and silicones and they give leather a slightly waxy effect making the treated product soft to the human touch.

Veco’s products

Feel modifiers, if not produced according to standards, can become dangerous for people’s health; For this reason companies must choose a very reliable supplier. Veco has fourty years experience in the testing and development of leather finishing products. Being a big market player, it offers a wide range of feel modifiers. One of the most important products is VECOSOFT GL: thanks to its composition of silicone in water dispersion, it give higher chafing resistances to finished leather. In addition, it reduces the stickiness during hot ironing and stacking processes. Companies that use Veco’s feel modifiers get the opportunity to save big quantities of energy and time.


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