How to improve the leather look with leather refinishing products

Leather: from utility to beauty

Man has known and used leather since the prehistoric age because of its resistance, thermal insulation and impermeability and also because he could relatively easily obtain it from his hunting activity. However, raw leather could not meet the increasingly demanding tastes of fashion, especially in recent times. In order to improve the aspect of leather, producers have competed to find better and better solutions to give it the “perfect look”, developing advanced techniques and exceptional refinishing products. Italy has always been one of the world leaders in leather production and refinement, particularly in the North-Eastern area of Vicenza, where the company Veco is located.

Leather refinishing products

Nowadays, a wide variety of leather finishing products can be found on the market and great attention must be paid when choosing the most suitable one for every type of leather, from garment leather to patent leather. Not only the type of leather determines which compound is the best choice, but also the final look the artisan or the factory wants to achieve, preferring either a natural aspect, a shiny surface, a burnish effect or a waxy touch. However, the quality of these products needs to be high and thus it is important to rely on experienced producing companies.

Veco’s Products

Thanks to its farsighted founders, for forty years Veco has strongly invested in the development of advanced leather finishing products in its equipped laboratories, becoming more and more specialized in this sector over time. Veco offers a huge set of resins, compounds, binders, oils and many more, which can be used to enhance leather properties and let its elegance stand out. All these are produced respecting the environment, one of our absolute priorities. You can find further information on our products on our website products page.


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