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What are polyurethanic resins and which are the advantages of their use in leather working?

Polyurethanes is a family of chemical compounds employed in many processes. Polyurethanic resins are mainly designed to improve two important leather characteristics, which we consider of uttermost importance: quality and beauty. In terms of quality, polyurethanic resins enhance many essential leather properties leading to outstanding levels of water resistance, impressive dry and wet rub fastness values and incredible softness and fullness of garments. In terms of beauty, these resins ameliorate sealing, levelling and embossing of leather and they give a more natural aspect to the final product. However, not only do these resins improve the quality and beauty of the leather, they also greatly facilitate its manufacturing, providing excellent adhesion and enhanced film flexibility and allowing embossing without finishing cutting.

Which polyurethanic resins does Veco offer?

Veco’s laboratories have perfected a wide variety of polyurethanic resins, from soft polyurethane binders suitable for garment leather to hard resins, which are more appropriate for patent leather. Our research activity, our experience and our high standards in all the production phases guarantee high-quality final products meeting the needs of most demanding costumers. You can find detailed information about these compounds and their properties on our website.

Do Veco’s polyurethanic resins respect the environment?

Veco is deeply concerned about the environmental sustainability of its products. We believe taking care of the planet is not just a duty but most of all it is an opportunity for us: we like to call it “the green opportunity”. Our main goal is then to preserve the amazing world our children have lent us. All our products, including polyurethanic resins, are safe both for humans and for the nature they live in.


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