Italian hide tanning industry: 2015 statistics

Data about Italian production in 2015

2015 has not been a totally positive year as far as tanning industry in Italy is concerned, and 2016 is expected to be characterized by a stationary trend.
This is the situation of Italian hide tanning industry according to Salvatore Mercogliano, president of UNIC – Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria (the Italian national association of Tanning Industries). In particular, the production has decreased by 6% last year, but Mr Mercogliano does not seem to worry about this situation, since the base of the sector is still solid, being Italy one of the most important countries in the world as far as hide tanning is concerned. Italy, indeed, represents the 18% of world leather production and 20% of exports at a global level.

What are the expectations of Italian tanneries for 2016?

In spite of this, many Italian tanneries do not have high expectations as far as the 2016 results are concerned: according to a survey carried out among a sample of Italian tanneries, indeed, only 25% foresee to increase sales. The most optimistic ones are the tanneries from the region Veneto (a very important region as far as leather production and working are concerned), and this optimism is certainly due to the fact that in this region production increased in 2015. However, tanneries from Veneto are not the only ones to have a positive expectation for the future: other optimistic regions are Lombardy and Campania.

Italian hide tanning: exports

The most important market for Italian tanneries is the Italian one (23%), but exports as well are becoming more and more important. In particular, Italian tanning is very popular in the other European countries, but also other parts of the world are becoming more and more interested in Italy from this point of view. In particular, the most promising markets are Vietnam, South Korea and the States.
In order to increase the interest of international markets towards Italian products, according to Mr Mercogliano a strategy is being carried on that is meant to promote the excellence of Italian products abroad.
In conclusion, although the 2015 production has decreased, the Italian tanning industry has many aces in the hole that bode well for the future.