Leather auxiliaries: effectiveness and environmental respect

What are leather auxiliaries?

On the website of Veco you can find many leather auxiliaries, which are useful (or, better to say, necessary) in many different phases of leather working. Continue reading if you want to learn more about these products, so you will be able to find your way in the field of leather auxiliaries and choose the perfect product for you.

First of all, what are leather auxiliaries? This is the name that identifies the chemical products that are used throughout the leather working process, from the beginning (when rawhides are treated) to the finishing phase.

Two main categories

There are various types of leather auxiliaries, and each one is used at a given moment during leather working. However, we can say that there are two main categories containing all the auxiliaries: the first category includes the products that are used before finishing; the second category, on the contrary, is made up of all the products that are used during the final phase of leather working. In the first category we find the auxiliaries that are used during the tanning operations until obtaining the state of wet blue leather, as well as the products that have been conceived for the subsequent operations (retanning, fattening) until a more advanced state (crust) is reached. The second category features finishing leather chemicals, i.e. all the auxiliaries that are used in the final phase of leather working: finishing.

Focus on environmental respect

No matter the category they belong to, all these auxiliaries play a fundamental role in the process of leather working, and great efforts are made in leather industry to continuously improve the performance of these products. But the performance and the effectiveness of leather auxiliaries are not the only objectives of the researches carried out in this sector: nowadays one of the main focuses in leather industry, indeed, is finding solutions that are effective and environmentally friendly at once.

This is also one of our main objectives. Try the leather auxiliaries by Veco!


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