Leather Filler Compound

When we look at a beautiful finished product, we appreciate the final masterpiece presented to us. Do we think about the work that goes into making the masterpiece you see in front of you? Well, let’s introduce you with the work that goes into leather and associated products using leather filler compounds as part of the package. Veco, a company specialized in leather finishing products, has been in the tanning industry for over forty years and knows a thing or ten about leather. They offer leather filler compound products in two categories 1) Vecoplast and 2) Vecosol.

Vecoplast Products

These leather finishing fillers have three types namely:

  1. Vecoplast AM
  2. Vecoplast M
  3. Vecoplast RO

These filler compounds above all share one thing in common: they are auxiliary filling matting compounds. The difference comes in how each individual type of filling compound works. The Vecoplast AM boasts of a leather finishing that is smooth, full and has excellent adhesive properties. The Vecoplast M on the other hand is used for the “finishing of buffed skins or crusts” (according to Veco). One startling quality about this filler type is that it gives leather an outstanding resistance to abrasion. The Vecoplast RO decreases the tackiness of the final product, and to Veco’s own telling, “increases the fullness of embossing.”

  Vecosol FR/AN

The Vecosol FR/AN is a plastering compound that chisels the edges of misaligned skins and gives them a straighter, equally-aligned surface. This plastering compound should be heated at temperatures of between 120˚ and 130˚ to give the finish a fuller appearance, making it ready for the next coating to be made on this surface.

Without a doubt, learning a thing or two about what goes into the final finishing leather product, you will appreciate it more and never look at it the same way again!


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