Leather Finishing Using Stucco Plaster

Stucco Plaster is Ideal for Finishing Leather

You can source a variety of different types of stucco for leather. All of these stucco plasters act as filling compounds and will remove any marks, scars, dents or scratches on the surface of the leather and improve its overall quality. If you’re looking for a stucco suitable for upholstery or upper shoe leather, Vecoplast Stucco 60 is an excellent choice for covering and removing defects. This plaster is applied by spatula prior to buffing or between buffing and has excellent leather adhesion, while providing good embossing properties. Alternatively, Vecoplast Stucco SH can be used to provide great wet and dry flexometer values on upholstery or upper shoe leathers.

High Quality Leather Stucco from Vecoplast

Vecoplast Stucco RC is another stucco for leather which is ideal for upholstery or upper shoe leathers to cover scars, scratches, wrinkles or abrasions. It’s possible to eliminate air during the application process by the addition of anti-foaming agents. If you want a stucco for full grain or buffed leather you should consider Vecoplast Stucco 168, this viscous white liquid is applied by roller and then embossed and felter polished to improve the surface of the leather and give a more natural appearance.

Stucco Plaster for Top Quality Leather

When you choose stucco finishes from Veco your leathers achieve the best possible finish with full grain correction. You can rest assured the leathers are more than satisfactory to tanners and can be used to create top quality products. Leather that has been finished with Veco stuccos has a natural appearance when it has been buffed and detailed attention is paid to keeping a consistent grain so the buffed leather is suited for a wide variety of uses.


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