NMP-free resins for clothing

Which NMP-free Resins for Clothing Do We Offer?

Here at Veco, we know just how important it is to keep your leather in perfect condition. It is because of this that we are on the market from over forty years to make sure that the products that you offer are of the highest quality. If you come to our website before, then one of the types of products that you may have found of interest are our NMP-free resins for clothing. If you already took a look then you will be already aware that we have many different types of resins to offer.

What Are the Benefits of These Types of Resins for Clothing?

One of the great things about our NMP-free resins is that they offer so many different benefits. First of all, there is the fact that your leather clothing will be much easier to care for. As well as this, the resins themselves offer a much easier application than some of the other options that are available at the moment. NMP free resins offer far better flex resistance than some of the other options, as well as offering more comfort when the clothing is being worn. These are just some of many, many advantages that come with using these types of resins for clothing.

Which NMP-Free Resins Do We Offer?

Here at Veco we know that what is suitable for one item of clothing may not be suitable for the other. This is why we have made sure that we have various options available to our customers. One of the resins that you may be interested in is the VECOSOL BINDER U 3030. This NMP-free resin is perfect for leather clothing, boasting a slippery, natural feel. If you want something that will offer elegance, then this is definitely the right product to help you take care of your leather clothing.


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