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Before getting into the juicy bits of the article,  the question arises : what is a pigment? In simplistic terms, a pigment in leather industry is a colored powder dispersed in a given medium that is used to achieve a finishing product of various colours and tones. For leathers,  pigments play a vital role in producing a leather product of different colors that are of a superior quality. A pigments manufacturer makes it possible to have a final leather product that is colorful and stylish. Some products below are types of pigments manufactured:

Vecosol Printex Colors

This is a type of pigment that has a high concentration dispersion. They are carefully selected dispersions that can be mixed together in any ratio to produce every color you need, with high yields. The result? You get faster a good coverage in your articles, thus avoiding many applications. This pigment has a high hiding power. It quashes any unsightly blotches to finishes. What’s more,  the finished skins have a natural appearance. This one sure is a winner!

Vecosol Bright Colors

Vecosol Bright Colors are pigments dispersed in casein that have a high covering power. They are suitable for all types of finishing, especially full-grain leather. One interesting bit of information about this type of pigment is the resistance to light, heat and migration due to their refinery process.


These types of pigments are sets of transparent and bright variations. The strong driving point is the good coloring power that develops as a result of manufacturing this type of pigment. The effects of this pigments are suitable for all types of skins,  with full-grain leather taking the number one spot. Vecosin pigments can be used in full color and pastel shade. Talk about versatility! There is no doubt that the myriad of leather colors you see are beautiful variations of pigmentations manufactured by experts in the tanning industry!


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