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What is polyurethane resin?

Polyurethanes are a highly useful family of polymers – materials that result from the linking of a chain of simple, repetitive molecules. These materials can appear in many forms and be used for a variety of things, depending on the way their properties are manipulated. Polyurethane resin, a synthetically-produced substance, is one of the forms polymers appear as.
Polyurethane resin is very versatile because it can be used to produce a range of items, such as inks and plastics. This is possible because the material can be manipulated greatly, changing its properties such as hardness and elasticity. Often, it is produced in liquid form and can be poured into moulds. When used in this way, the material is very impressionable, meaning the slightest detail, such as a small crack, can be seen in the finished product.

There are many advantages to these resins. They are often used for their chemical, oil and grease resistance, and are typically good at resisting abrasion and, therefore, are not easily torn. This explains why they are often used to produce synthetic rubbers. Furthermore, they can be used to create strong adhesives.

Why is it used for leather finishing?

Water-based polyurethanes make perfect leather coatings. They are inherently flexible, have superior tensile properties, and have excellent abrasion resistance. Water-based polyurethanes can be used by themselves or together with acrylic emulsions to reach just the right cost/performance balance for your specific application. They benefit from good adhesion, outstanding water resistance, and properties allowing embossing without finishing.

What about Veco?

Polyurethane resin supplier Veco decided from the outset to address its interest in the leather finishing industry, a sector in which the company has become increasingly specialized over the years. It added to the production of pigments the production of water-based and solvent based auxiliary, with an important production of polyurethane resins. Veco invests time and resources in the research and production of polyurethane resins for a wide range of application: Veco’s products can be used in furniture, clothing, footwear and leather goods.


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