Chemical leather pigments: main peculiarities

Differences between pigments and dyes

In a previous post on this blog we have dealt with leather dyes. Now it’s time to speak about another type of product that is used in leather industry to colour leather: chemical leather pigments.
Pigments are rather different from dyes, and those who are not expert in this field may be confused. So, let’s try to give some explanations and make everybody understand the differences between these two products.
In general, and not only in leather industry, leather and dyes are both used to change the colour of a product or of a material, but they are deeply different from each other: while pigments can be described as powders that are insoluble in their vehicles or in general in the solvents they are dispersed in, dyes can do that (and they can be a liquid themselves). In other words, while dyes liquefy in water or solvents, pigments are only dispersed, because their particles cannot dissolve.

Types of pigments

Now that we have understood the main difference between pigments and dyes, we can go more into details as far as pigments are concerned. First of all, pigments can be divided into two main categories: inorganic (which does not contain carbon) and organic. Moreover, pigments can be either natural or synthetic.
As far as they peculiarities are concerned, pigments are characterized by resistance to light and heat, and by chemical inertness towards the substances they are mixed with, either binders, additives or other pigments.

Chemical leather pigments by Veco

Pigments are used in many sectors, and leather industry is one of these. When they are used to colour leather, given that they are insoluble, pigments must be fixed to their support by means of resins.
Veco offers a wide range of pigments, suitable for all kinds of leather, from full-grain to buffed and split leather. Here are the names of some of leather pigments offered by Veco: Vecosol Printex Colors, Vecosol Bright Colors, Vecosin Colors. On the website you can fine more details about these products, or contact us in case you need more information!


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