Textile auxiliary chemicals and other details about oiling processing

Leather oiling: a definition

Oiling is a type of leather processing that is used to confer leather some specific peculiarities, for example softness and flexibility. Naturally leather is rigid and could not be used in the production of many items, but thanks to methods of processing like oiling, it becomes a very versatile material.

First of all, let’s try giving a definition of leather oiling. In what does this process consists? By leather oiling we mean that phase of leather finishing that is aimed at hand coating leather with oil, and oil can be either un-emulsified or a combination of raw oil. This process of coating can be carried out with a brush or a tampon, and has several benefic effects on leather.

Advantages of oiling

First of all, oiling is important because this process can reduce the rigidity of leather. Thanks to the lubricant effect of oils, indeed, this process makes leather flex repeatedly avoiding the risk of cracking. One of the problems that leather can have, when its fibers are dry and not properly lubricated, is that it can break easily. Oiling reduce this risk.
This is the most evident advantage of leather oiling, but it is not the only one. Another reason why this process is used is to make the material more resistant to water; moreover, it can also impart colour.
Last but not least, in some cases you can use fragrant oils, which are perfect if you want to soothe the smell of leather.

From textile auxiliary chemicals to oil emulsions

Like any other types of leather processing, also oiling needs to be carried out with specific products. Veco offers a wide range of oils that can meet different needs. Veco offers some textile auxiliary chemicals that improve leather softness, like Vecosol Olio ER, or increase elasticity, like Vecosol Oio OG. The product catalogue includes also water based oil emulsions like Vecosol Olio PU, a selected oil blend that conveys burnish and pull up effects to leather. It is notably good for the upholstery and fashion sectors.


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