Carriage of leather tanning chemicals – ADR

Carriage of leather tanning chemicals

The transport and delivery of leather tanning chemicals needs to be carried out in an attentive way, respecting precise rules in order to ensure safety for people and products as well.
In this sense, you might find it useful to know more about ADR, i.e. the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. The acronym ADR comes from the French definition “Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route”.

What does ADR say ?

This European Agreement was signed in Geneva on the 20th September of 1957 by the members of the United Nations, and it entered into force on the 29th January of 1968. The main objective of ADR is creating some common safety standards in the field of international carriage of goods by road, as well as ensuring a high level of safety. This is a very important agreement, which includes many regulations about different aspects of the carriage of dangerous goods. ADR does not only say what substances are considered as dangerous, it also gives important recommendations about the types of packaging and containers that can be used and about the peculiarities they must have. Moreover, the ADR agreement regulates the construction and use of the vehicles and tanks that are used in the carriage of dangerous goods, as well as the travel documents required. In this agreement you will also find important details about the license drivers need to have to transport this type of goods.

Classification of products

As far as the classification of products is concerned, the ADR includes 9 different classes of materials, and each material contained in one of these classes can be recognized through a 4 digit number, which is the same for all the different languages and which makes it easy to immediately understand what material we are dealing with.


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