Leather coating chemicals: water based coats by Veco

The importance of leather coating chemicals

In the field of leather, there are many leather coating chemicals that companies can use to improve the look and other peculiarities of leather. Veco Srl offers all of these products, always ensuring quality and eco-sustainability, as happens in the case of water based coats.

What are water based coats?

Water based coats belong to the category of the most important and useful products used in leather finishing. The reason why they are applied is that they can fix and maintain the peculiarities of finished leather. For example, some water based coats can be used to maintain the softness of leather, but you can apply them also if you want to fix colours and prevent leather to get faded. The water based coats offered by Veco, moreover, do not compromise in any way the natural brightness and feel of leather.

Chemical products by Veco

The product catalogue by Veco includes many different water based coats. Let’s see some of them!
VECOSOL APPRETTO 1025 sn: this product is notably appreciated in case you want to convey a transparent appearance and a dry touch to leather.
VECOSOL APPRETTO 1167: it is used to convey a matt appearance and a gummy touch. We suggest that you apply it by means of a roller coating machine.
VECOSOL APPRETTO 1180: notably conceived for shoe leather, this product can be used also for leather garments. The effects it gives are a transparent appearance and a waxy touch.
VECOSOL APPRETTO 1184: this product is mainly used for upholstery and it is very appreciated for its resistance to ageing as well as for its capacity to give leather brightness.
VECOSOL APPRETTO 1479: also this product is notably good for upholstery, but it can be used also for shoes. Its peculiarity is the capacity to convey a shiny effect and to maintain an adequate grade of black at the same time.
VECOSOL APPRETTO ARL: it is used for leather for fashion and upholstery in case you want to obtain a soft and gummy touch and a matt appearance.


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