Tannery chemicals: the importance of being “green”

The environmental issue in leather working

In the field of leather working and finishing, the environmental issue is very important. The use of innovative products and technologies that can help reducing the impact of tanneries and leather companies on the environment is an essential challenge.
The companies that are willing to look at the future (like Veco), and not only at the present, know well that they need to find new solutions to ensure the environmental sustainability during the process of leather production. This objective can be achieved using new technologies and products, and investing on research and development, giving up any fear of changing things.

Tannery chemicals go green

But why is it so important to face the environmental issue in the field of leather working and finishing? The answer is given by the fact that the process of leather working is potentially dangerous for the environment because of the chemical products that are used in this sector. In Italy, and in Europe in general, the process of leather working is controlled by strict regulations, and leather companies use products, tannery chemicals and technologies that allow them to reduce their impact on the environment. Italy, in particular, is a benchmark in the world as far as leather production is concerned, but this country is on the brink of innovation also for the attention paid to the environment. The Italian companies working in this field, indeed, have invested a lot in finding eco-friendly solutions in the last few years, always keeping in mind the necessity of reducing consumptions and the release of polluting substances during all the phases of leather working and finishing.

The example of Veco

Veco is an excellent example in this sense: as a company working in the field of leather finishing, Veco offers tannery chemicals that meet the necessary requirements to respect the environment and is conscious of the necessity to follow the evolution of the leather sector investing also in sustainability.


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