Choose the leather chemical compound that best meets your needs!

Why is leather finishing so important?

Finishing is a very important phase in the process of leather working: it is during this phase, indeed, that the tanned leather undergoes a series of chemical processes that convey to this material those qualities that are most appreciated on the market. If you work in this field, you know that the leather market is becoming more and more exigent, and the sector of leather finishing needs to keep pace with the times, studying and developing cutting edge technologies and products for leather working.

Chemical products used in leather finishing

During the phase of leather finishing, leather is treated with various type of chemical substances that give to this material some appreciated qualities like brightness, softness, elasticity, water and wear resistance. The class of chemical products used in leather finishing includes also compounds.
This category includes many different products, and each leather chemical compound is characterized by specific peculiarities and is used for different reasons.

Find the perfect leather chemical compound!

The catalogue of Veco includes many of these products, which can be used in many sectors, from fashion to upholstery. Let’s see some of the main compounds offered by Veco!
MISCELA NR 104 VA: this compound is perfect for leather for shoes, and indeed it is notably used to create good covering on upper-shoe leathers.
MISCELA 112: an acrylic and polyurethanic resins based compound, this product is very simple to apply and is used for quick and good coverings, especially in the upholstery field.
MISCELA NR 153 W: this is a very versatile product, which can be used in many different sectors – from shoes to upholstery – and which has the capacity to create various effects on leather.
VECOSOL WHITE COMPOUND 204: this compound is usually used for leather for shoes, but it can be used in many other sectors. This is the right compound if you are dealing with white or light colours.

Choose the type of compound that best meets your needs!


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