Chemicals for leather finishing

Chemicals for Leather Finishing

Leather in the tanning industry is a specialized product that undergoes manufacturing using a series of chemical combinations to get the right quality product. In the finishing stages specifically, there are chemicals for finishing that give the final leather product the edge. Chemicals for leather finishing come in various combinations. One type of combination is a wax chemical that is used in the finishing stages of leather working. Examples of products that are chemicals for leather finishing are mentioned below.

    Vecosol Filler CF & CR

Vecosol Filler CF is liquid wax emulsion used in leather finishing for items such as furniture and shoes. It is a spectacular waxy substance that smoothes the process of finishing by improving the sealing. It has a smooth and warm feel that helps in providing resistance to dry and wet rubbing. It has a film that is glossy and transparent in appearance. Vecosol Filler CR on the other hand, while it shares the same properties with its CR variant, it differs by being used solely for shoes. Not only that, but it is harder than the CF variant. It improves the process of ironing of the finishing process. Much like its CF counterpart, it also provides a smooth feel and look, and is resistant to wet and dry rubbing.

Vecosol Filler FI

This is an aqueous wax emulsion that is best suitable for finishing of soft leathers. It has a unique function in the finishing process of decreasing stickiness on the stack of the leather. It improves ironing process (much like Vecosol Filler CR). It doesn’t stop here though. It also gives the leathers a pleasant hand, making the finishing touch that much more refined and even more beautiful.

Never look at leather finishes the same way again!


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