Matte Coats for finishing

   Matte Coats for Finishing

Veco is renowned for its stellar final products in the chemical and leather industry. It is not hard to see why. We have had over 40 years to mould and perfect their craft! Different products require different coating finishes. The matt coats for leather are a type of finish that gives the final product an opaque finish instead of a glossy finish. Below are the types of matte coats for leather finishing products:

  Vecoemul Opaco NT and Vecoemul Opaco VT

The Vecoemul Opaco NT and VT are nitroemulsion characterized by a white viscous liquid appearance. They both have an opaque appearance or can be defined as being opaque emulsions. The Vecoemul Opaco NT has the following distinct features:

  1. Incredible mechanical and physical strength
  2. pleasant touch
  3. Good quality matte

The main difference between the Opaco NT and VT is that the VT is an emulsion that has a low solvent content. The main features for the Vecoemul Opaco VT:

  1. Low solvent content
  2. delightful dry coating.
  3. Ease of reassembling

    Vecoloid Opacizzante

This is a matte paint that has a thick opalescent liquid appearance. According to us this is a “matt lacquer based on nitrocellulose.” It is a combination of nitrocellulose, plasticizers and polyethylene waxes. The Vecoloid Opacizzante should be stored in temperatures between 5˚C and 30˚C for maximum effect. The function of this product is in its name (“Opac” for opacity). It is used to produce final works that have varying degrees of opacity.

The features of the matt coatings mentioned above for the highlighted products can be used to make an informed decision about which product would best suit your needs. The opaque look and feel of the finished product is the x-factor that will make your products stand out among the others.


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