Filling compound and other products used in leather polishing

What is leather polishing

In the process of leather finishing, polishing is one of the last steps. But everybody knows…last but not least! Leather polishing, indeed, is very important, because it conveys leather that special and bright look people appreciate in this material.


We can claim that this step in leather finishing has two main objectives: first of all, it seals the dyed surface and in the same time it protects it. Secondly, it makes leather shine and sparkle. Both these aspects are very important as far as leather is concerned: among the leather peculiarities that are most appreciated by people, indeed, its brightness and resistance (i.e. its capacity to keep its beauty also with the passing of time) are certainly outstanding.

From filling compound to protein binder, use the proper product!

Leather polishing can be carried out with specific chemical products that make this process simpler. It is very important to use the best leather chemicals on the market for this process, to be sure to get the result you really expect.
Veco offers some products that have been specifically conceived for polishing and that can ensure a perfect outcome. Here are some examples:
VECOSOL TOP LU is a non-thermoplastic gloss binder that is used for polishing and plate finishings. The effect that it conveys to leather is very natural.
VECOSOLAMIN TC is a cationic protein binder that is used to convey leather a polishing effect and to make leather shine bright.
VECOSOL FILLER CR is an auxiliary containing wax that permits repolishing and stands out for its brilliant gloss.
VECOSOL FILLER Q is a sealing and filling compound that can be applied with pad or roller coater, but also by spraying.
VECOSOLAMIN PB is a cationic filling auxiliary which gives leather a natural effect and ensures an excellent sealing.

These are only some of the products offered by Veco! Find the one that best meets your needs.


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