Nitro emulsions – intermediate and top coat

The important finishing touch

Nitro emulsions for leather are used as intermediate and top coat and based on nitro cellulose in the aqueous phase. This chemical is a proven agent for a not dry, warm slippery texture, allowing leather articles to look good, adapt to physical and biological factors and resist abrasions. Customers will appreciate the improvement in leather properties including hydrophobicity and crocking fastness. These emulsions are water based and guaranteed non-toxic if handled and stored properly.

Choose quality, reliability and experience

Veco offers a vast inventory of chemicals for leather finishing, we supply excellent touch modifiers to insure attractive, luxurious top coats for the end customers’ shoes, garments or furniture. All our chemicals are high quality and over 30 years of operation we have built a reputation for consumer safety and knowledgeable customer service. The utmost attention is given to handling temperatures, and shelf life. We pride ourselves on our experienced research and development, raw material acquisition and advanced technology.

Veco Products for better business – top coat and more

Veco has a selection of nitro emulsions available for purchase. Vecoloid Lucido DUF is an excellent top coat, giving the leather high brilliance and glossiness combined with a soft and warm touch. Veco Cell L 86 S is an intermediate product for brushed materials. Veco Finish NE, a black nitro emulsion that provides a glossy appearance, can be diluted with water or any organic solvent to obtain an even higher gloss and better film adhesion. These products elevate the beauty and quality of the leather material. Decide which product and process will appeal to select clientele. Visit the Veco website and browse the catalog for more detailed information about these products. The company also produces and distributes choice leather oils, waxes and many more fillers. All products are professional grade and competitively priced.


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