How to Clean A Leather Couch

The most used of the furnishings in our house? Definitely the couch. The protagonist of the living area, the sofa is not meant only to be looked at, but it must be comfortable, practical and durable.
For this reason, there are many doubts when it comes to choosing a leather sofa, commonly considered more delicate and more difficult to maintain than a fabric one. In fact, the ways to clean and care for a leather couch are numerous and simple thanks to specialized products by leather chemical companies and, in some cases, even thanks to products that are already present in our homes.

For frequent cleaning, you can simply use a deerskin cloth dampened with warm water, for example. If the sofa is in light or white leather, a more thorough cleaning can be done with water and skimmed milk, massaged with a soft cloth, and then removed with a damp cloth. The leather must then dry carefully. Another solution is the common cleansing milk used to cleanse the skin of the face. If the couch’s leather shows stains that cannot be eliminated with these methods, Marseille soap diluted in warm water can be used.

Once a year, the leather couch can be treated with a special cream or a common moisturizer for the body, which softens it and prevents it from squealing, you can also use special leather softeners for an optimal result. To polish the sofa, you can use virgin, neutral or leather-colored sofa wax. In general, aggressive detergents or rough or abrasive cloths should never be used. It is good practice to always test the cleaning product on a small, barely visible portion of the sofa. But to be completely sure about the optimal result, just use the leather finishing products by VecoItalia.


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