Interior Design: The X Trends for 2019

2019 is already started, but let’s see which are the X trends for the next months of this year.

  • Marble finishes
    Marble is a classic material. It had its moment of glory between the 80s and 90s and now comes back and confirms itself as a luxury decorative element. Marble gives elegance to the living room, bathroom and kitchen. The available nuances of the marble make it suitable to combine with different materials facilitating creativity.


  • Real and artificial leather

    Real or synthetic leather is also a trendy decorative element for 2019. Actually, leather is something that never goes out of fashion. It mixes elegance and warmth and gives the space an artistic vibe. Leather can have different colors thanks to leather pigments and, of course, should be of optimal quality thanks to leather finishing products.


  • Industrial style elements

The tendency of lofts is hard to die. High tables, lots of wrought iron, rough wood, refined and practical. The industrial style is a classic that lends itself to change, resisting over time as an absolute trend on the interior design market. In an environment like that, also leather elements are welcome. Nowadays, the leather processing industry is so advanced that can produce virtually any design.

  • Brick wall

Leaving a wall with exposed bricks is the style trend for 2019. It transforms the environment by mixing the industrial style with the welcoming atmosphere of the houses of the past. Its rustic aesthetic is combined with furniture and wooden profiles in order to recreate a perfect natural space.




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