How to Clean Leather Seats in a Car

A car with leather seats looks so elegant; however, it requires more attention and maintenance compared to other fabrics. The cleaning of leather seats must be carried out with special care and certainly with a different and meticulous attention. Leather, without the proper care and special leather chemistry, risks losing its natural beauty.


It is essential to do periodic maintenance and for this reason using the cleansing milk for leather is essential. This is an extremely delicate and nutritious product that allows to maintain the characteristics of this material and as the same time manages to eliminate any stain. First, check that there are no deep scratches or holes. If this is the case, be careful not to treat this area with water and detergents. Any damaged parts must be repaired by a professional. Then use a damp cloth over the entire surface, making sure it is of a fabric that does not leave any lint. For washing you can use demineralized water.


An important tip is to clean the leather seats with the heating on in Winter or during a particularly hot day in Summer. This is because leather is a very sensitive fabric and with the heat, it will absorb the detergents and leather softeners much better. At this point, it is the time of the cleansing milk. It should stay on the leather at least for an hour and during this time is recommended to keep the car parked in a shaded area in order to avoid sunlight. The treatment with cleansing milk, if done continuously, helps to eliminate the unsightly cracks and avoids the replacement of coatings, which is certainly the least economic solution.


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  1. What are your thoughts on using a cleaner and then a conditioner instead?

    1. vecoitalia

      That could be a good solution too, for sure!

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