Leather filler paste to enhance the natural features of leather

How to enhance genuine leather

Genuine leather is very appreciated also for its natural peculiarities, which make every piece of leather different from any other else and permits you to create original products. However, some pieces of leather may come with some flaws that need to be corrected or diminished.

Leather filler paste: a necessary product in leather finishing

In order to do that, special products need to be used: leather chemicals used in leather finishing are certainly very useful in this sense, and a type of product that can be successfully applied to leather to improve its features is the leather filler paste.

Fillers by Veco

Veco offers a wide range of leather fillers: you can check the official website to view the complete catalogue of products and choose the ones that best meet your needs, but let’s have a look at some of the main fillers offered by Veco!
VECOPLAST AM: this filling auxiliary is characterized by its capacity to confer a good fullness to leather and a great adhesion at once. Moreover, it has other advantages: for example, it improves scratch resistance and reduces tackiness.
VECOPLAST M: this product is notably useful for upholstery leather, thanks to its capacity to give a high resistance to scratches. Moreover, Vecoplast M can confer an extreme softness to leather, always ensuring a natural aspect.
VECOPLAST RO: like other types of fillers, this products stands out for its capacity to give more fullness to leather. Vecoplast RO is notably appreciated for its matting effect and because it can improve the evenness of the surface. The leather treated with this product gains a dry and silky touch.
VECOSOL FR/AN: this product, which can be used alone or in finishing mixtures, is notably used on defective full grain and buffed leather to enhance its fullness and sealing. Vecosol FR/AN can be applied either with roller coating or with spraying machines.


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