How to improve leather resistance: leather chemicals and processes

Products and processes to enhance leather resistance

The processes of leather working are essential to confer specific peculiarities to hides. Resistance is one of these.
Various methods are used to enhance leather resistance in different phases of leather working, and specific leather chemicals are used to reach this aim. When we speak about leather resistance we mean both mechanical resistance and resistance to wear, which can be achieved through the tanning, re-tanning and fat-liquoring processes. As far as tanning is concerned, we can claim that chrome tanning is one of the most popular ones (about 80% hides are treated in this way). In addition to improving leather resistance, this process is fundamental also to convey a high level of water impermeability and permeability to air and water vapour. The tanning process is fundamental also to turn hides into hygienic products.

Tanning, re-tanning and fat-liquoring

Tanning is the first, important phase in leather working, and it is followed by other types of working, like re-tanning. As above-said, also during this phase great attention is paid to enhance leather resistance, in particular its mechanical resistance. Re-tanning is a process meant to give specific peculiarities to leather: in addition to mechanical resistance, it gives softness, uniformity, elasticity…i.e. all those elements that make leather perfect to be used in various sectors, from fashion to upholstery. Re-tanning is not always necessary (unlike tanning), but it is important to improve the leather quality.
Resistance is also achieved through fat-liquoring, the process that introduces oils and soluble fats into leather fibres to make hides softer, more elastic, and thus more resistant. Without this process, dry leather would be much more rigid and easier to get damaged.

Leather chemicals used in the field of leather finishing

Also the processes of leather finishing are very useful to make leather more resistant, and specific chemical products have been conceived for this. Veco offers a wide range of leather chemicals that can enhance leather resistance. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information about, we will be happy to help you!


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