Leather tanning oil to enhance brightness and softness

What are the peculiarities of oil?

Leather tanning oil is a product used to confer special qualities to leather, and it is fundamental in the process of leather finishing.
In order to understand why oil is so important in leather finishing, you only need to think about the peculiarities of oil in general and about its functions: oil, indeed, has the capacity to make any surface smoother and brighter. We might say that also tanning oils are used for these reasons, but let’s have a deeper look at oils used in leather industry!

Choose the best leather tanning oil for you

The category of oils for leather includes many different products, and each one can be used for a given type of leather and to obtain specific results.

Products by Veco

Vecosol Olio Er, for example, is perfect to apply to full grain leather used for shoes and upholstery and is appreciated because it can improve the softness of leather. But that’s not all: this oil is also used to regulate absorptions of leather, and if it is applied to semianiline, the result is similar to a vegetable-tanned calf skin.
Used to make full grain aniline leather softer and brighter, Vecosol Olio OG has the capacity to enhance the elasticity of buffed leather, as well as to reduce absorption.
Vecosol Olio PU is used above all for leather for shoes and upholstery and it gives its best if you apply a heavy coat of it on crust leather with roller coater: in this way you get an excellent burnish and pull up effect.
One of the best products to be used for garment leather is Vecosol Top P. It conveys a pull-up effect with oily touch if used alone, and in general it is appreciated because it gives fullness to leather, as well as softness and a fine touch. It is perfect to be used on aniline or nubuck leather.


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