Leather for upholstery: types and leather finishing chemicals

Types of leather

Leather comes from well-known sources – as in the case of bovine leather – and some other sources that are not so obvious, including ostriches and stingrays. Depending on how it is processed, you can place leather in three main categories: protected/pigmented, aniline, and semi-aniline.

1. Aniline – this is the most natural-looking type of leather and for this reason it is high-priced. It retains the distinctive surface characteristics: scars and pores. Aniline leather is comfortable, soft to the touch and it can be used to create unique upholstery.

2. Semi-aniline – this type of leather is resistant since its surface is treated with a light, pigmented coat to make it stain resistant. Therefore, it retains surface uniqueness but is more resistant to stains.

3. Protected – this is the most durable leather because of the polymer coating used. For that reason, it is the most used in making furniture and car upholstery. In addition, protected leather is easier to maintain and can be made more resistant.

Leather finishing chemicals

Leather needs to be finished properly with leather finishing chemicals so that it can be used to manufacture outstanding furniture and car upholstery. When finished in the proper way, leather is more durable and easier to maintain. Leather upholstery lends elegance to any room, and it is associated with wealth. The fabric adds to the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Advantages of leather upholstery

Leather has got many advantages that make it perfect for upholstery. Since it is a natural fabric, leather adjusts to temperature changes; this allows it to breathe, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As it ages, leather becomes softer, less stiff and more comfortable. Leather is a durable fabric that can withstand rough treatment, for example from pets and children, and this makes it perfect for every type of family. Moreover, when the kids spill liquids on the sofa, you can wipe it off quickly.


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