Polyurethane resin suppliers – why you should choose NMP free binders in the leather finishing industry

Leather finishing – the green opportunity

Leather finishing is a highly specialized industry and the Veco commitment to top quality products and “green” alternatives for top quality hide finishes is an important consideration for manufacturers. Every business needs to increase sales, ensure ongoing customers and build on successful marketing. NMP free resins are the ideal selection for any forward-thinking business wishing to ensure health and safety of employees and customers alike. Veco belongs to the polyurethane resin suppliers that pay attention to this.

Ecological products in the leather finishing industry

Italian leather is renowned for its high quality and finish, and the professionals at the Veco laboratory are committed to producing ecological products that are suitable for diverse purposes. One example of good reason to use water-based dispersion binders is to be found within the automobile industry. The large American market for automobiles has an expectation that all producers/suppliers ensure comprehensive specifications for vehicles. NMP leather finishes will not degenerate, and 90 percent of the toxicity within these polyurethane binders remains within the products. This causes health risks to drivers, but, more importantly, it will also impact upon the ongoing health of workers within the industry. Choosing NMP-free binders is one way the leather industry maintains its great reputation while enhancing employee safety within the workplace.

Veco among the cutting edge polyurethane resin suppliers

Recent European Union legislation is likely to affect some EU producers as a number of chemicals have been added to the REACH authorization list. NMP is known to have toxic affects and European manufacturers will face licensing problems if they apply to use NMP within the leather industry. This is likely to impact a number of leather manufacturers worldwide as “greening” and sustainable labelling becomes more commonplace. Veco produce a number of binders and we consider our range of 12 different NMP-free binders will meet the needs of our discerning customers.


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