Leather for your furniture? A touch of class

It is true, fashion changes, but leather furniture, and especially chairs and sofas are, in fact, a constant presence in the living room, as well as in offices, in pubs and other environments. Leather is a synonymous of elegance and luxury, an evergreen solution that never goes out of fashion and that becomes more and more fascinating with time. Not only versatility and longevity then, but also a long-term investment of pure class.

Leather can present different characteristics:

  • Leather that does not undergo any correction and therefore is made with the best leather. The proper leather chemistry is used to make this type of leather even more attractive.
  • Printed leathers that faithfully reproduce the skin of reptiles and other highly prized animals. The leather in this case is of bovine origin which is then printed.
  • Buffed leather is a type of leather with an attractive quality / price ratio, resistant and with excellent seals. Generally produced with raw material from South America, with this the most requested prints by the big industry are realized.

Real leather has so many advantages and not knowing them would be an affront to one of the most durable and high-class materials that can be found on the market. Moreover, with the proper products produced by the leather processing industry, you will have the possibility to maintain this material, and therefore your living room and furniture, at the top.


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